Ben Koissaba is the Founding Chairman of Maa Civil Society Forum which is a conglomeration of Civil Society, Faith based and individuals from Fifteen Districts in Kenya whose objective is to seek opportunities for redressing historical and contemporary injustices meted upon the Maasai People by colonial and subsequent post independence governments in Kenya. Born in Narok, Ben believes that all persons having been created in God’s image have rights to enjoy life in its abundance and that all persons have the potential of shining and discovering their vocation.

Koissaba Ben R. Ole is the author of Local Advocacy to National Activism: Maa Civil Society Forum, Kenya. He is completing his PhD in International Community Development at Clemson and has his MA in Social Entrepreneurship from Northwest University. Since the late 1980s, he has worked as staff and as a consultant with various local and international NGOs, government agencies, and think tanks in Kenya, including World Vision, Premese Africa Development Institute, the Kenya National Poverty Eradication Commission, the Indigenous Concerns Resource Center, and Keekonyokie Oike Suswa Trust. His expertise in community development includes experience with HIV, microenterprise, workforce development, disaster risk reduction, participatory research, governance and advocacy, and human rights. He is an outspoken advocate for the land rights of the Maasai people.